The New Way Of Office Cleaning

Icons-04-1As a consumer you are protected by Australian Consumer Law. This means it’s your right to demand rectification or refund if the job was performed poorly and incompetently. It makes sense then for a cleaning company to be transparent about offering a guarantee. The law forces them in any case.

However not all companies know this fact and some will even argue with you should you complain and ask for something to get fixed. Avoid these cleaning companies.

Cleaning companies can also offer guarantees that go beyond statutory requirements. That’s a good thing. Just be sure to check with them what they would do if a guarantee was ever called on.

Make sure their guarantees aren’t just promises. For instance “We guarantee you’ll be 100% happy with our service” is not really a guarantee just a promise. Whereas “If you’re not 100% clean with your clean, let us know and we’ll fix it at no cost to you within 24hrs” has consequences for the cleaning company if they don’t meet your standards. So has this powerful guarantee “Should you ever leave us because you were dissatisfied with the quality of our cleaning, we’ll pay for the first two week of your new cleaning service”.

Put simply an effective guarantee offers a promise – then a consequence if that promise is not fulfilled.