The New Way Of Office Cleaning

I speak to a lot of people every day about winning cleaning jobs. Many people are under the impression that to get work you just need to chase it. Knock on doors, make phone calls, advertise, just go get them. While there’s no denying there’s tremendous power in boldness and action, activity alone does not guarantee results.

cleaning and tacking

This is how to get results. Just like sailing, to get to your desired destination, you don’t just point everything in the direction that you want to travel. You must tack, and place the sails at an angle to the direction of travel. Achieving business goals and objectives is no different. And this is absolutely true in the case of winning commercial cleaning contracts. We win cleaning jobs because our focus is on the thing that produces the result, not the result itself. We put our time and energy on creating a service that is exactly what the market wants – incredible cleaning, incredible service, incredible communication. We put time into developing our team’s skill at communicating our value proposition and exactly what we do.

It’s not hard when you think about it. Winning cleaning jobs is not so much about the “winning”, as it is about the actual “cleaning”. Being different and actually providing the service customers want is the critical element of winning business. It’s called the power of obliquity and it works.

Damien Boehm