The New Way Of Office Cleaning


Why Chasing Cleaning Business is NOT the Way to Get Business

I speak to a lot of people every day about winning cleaning jobs. Many people are under the impression that to get work you just need to chase it. Knock on doors, make phone calls, advertise, just go get them. While there’s no denying there’s tremendous power in boldness and action, activity alone does not guarantee results.

cleaning and tacking

This is how to get results. Just like sailing, to get to your desired destination, you don’t just point everything in the direction that you want to travel. You must tack, and place the sails at an angle to the direction of travel. Achieving business goals and objectives is no different. And this is absolutely true in the case of winning commercial cleaning contracts. We win cleaning jobs because our focus is on the thing that produces the result, not the result itself. We put our time and energy on creating a service that is exactly what the market wants – incredible cleaning, incredible service, incredible communication. We put time into developing our team’s skill at communicating our value proposition and exactly what we do.

It’s not hard when you think about it. Winning cleaning jobs is not so much about the “winning”, as it is about the actual “cleaning”. Being different and actually providing the service customers want is the critical element of winning business. It’s called the power of obliquity and it works.

Damien Boehm

Why would I choose a franchise if I wanted to start a cleaning business?

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 2.32.32 PMYou’ve probably noticed that most people who start a business from scratch become disheartened when they find out that just knowing how to do something well doesn’t automatically translate to business success. It’s no different starting a cleaning business. The reality they soon discover is that great cleaning is just not enough to build a successful business. They have to learn about how to get work, how to price jobs right, how to get customers to sign contracts, how to manage and build relationships with customers and how to handle issues and complaints as they arise. And the other big issue – how to make sure customers pay on time. If they’re lucky to win enough customers to need extra help, they face the daunting task of recruiting and training. Then they’ll have to learn how to get their staff to clean just as well as they do. This is not to mention all the legislation around OH&S, proper insurances and account management.

There is much more to running a successful cleaning business than just cleaning.

And there’s much more to it than simply having a website, a vacuum and a mop. You’ll need to have excellent marketing, sales, client management, training, staff management and account management skills. If you are weak in any one of these skills, it could spell disaster for your business. This is why having systems, support and a team that provide a clear step by step approach or even handle some of it for you is essential for success. This is exactly what a franchise provides for you. A cleaning franchise allows you to focus on what works because all the hard work has been taken care of for you. Follow the recipe, and you’ll have a great business.

How is technology affecting the cleaning industry?

f9Sometimes technology can just be a gimmick that delivers no real benefit. Sometimes technology can be a total game changer.

Mobile app technology is a game changer in many industries. It has disrupted whole sectors of the economy. Uber and AirBNB are notable examples.

We’ve harnessed the power of mobile apps to give our franchisee cleaners a powerful tool that’s become just as essential as a vacuum cleaner. It’s a total game changer. What customers want is transparency, reporting, and evidence that the schedule is being followed – beyond just “it looks like the cleaners came through because the bins got emptied”.

So we developed an App in-house we call Janiflow. This give customers real time updates when cleaners start and finish a clean and creates reports from checklists with photos in it. More importantly it allows us to hone in those things important to a customer and demonstrate through real reporting we are paying attention to those items. It also covers the cleaner in case someone comes in after they’ve cleaned and made a mess. For instance a sparkling clean sink may be very important to a customer. We would highlight that cleaning item in Janiflow and flag it for a photo. So the customer will receive a cleaning report that includes a photo of your clean kitchen sink. Afterwards staff might come in and mess the sink up. The office however can open the report up and see that the cleaners did in fact do the kitchen sink.

Ask us how our customized mobile app – Janiflow can keep your cleaners accountable.