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Not Being Cleaned Properly?

We Know Your PROBLEM

You’re not even sure what the cleaners actually do.
In fact, you don’t even know who they are. You can’t communicate with them and the same things are always getting missed. We understand your Frustration.
It doesn’t need to be this way.

At last! A NEW way of providing YOU with efficient
office cleaning that you’ll never have to worry about

We identify what’s IMPORTANT to YOU! And our fully qualified Owner-Operator Cleaning Franchisees will be reporting their cleaning to YOU in real time with photos with our award winning custom built App -Janiflow.


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Commercial & Office Cleaning Services South Yarra

Do you need an office cleaner in South Yarra?

It’s no secret that offices that have been in use for many years are surprisingly unhygienic. Just consider for a moment the last time your keyboard was wiped, the last time your desk was sanitised or the last time you cleaned the crevices in your mouse.

Struggling to remember? You’re not alone!

People usually do a horrible job of cleaning an office space because it’s an area that almost always looks clean. If you have in-house cleaners, chances are that they vacuum, dust and empty bins but what they’re not doing is looking after those “hidden” areas in your office that are known to harbour all kinds of nasty bacteria.

It is estimated that the average desk is 400 times dirtier than toilet seats and, in some offices, the printer can be touched as many as 300 times a day which can lead to cross contamination.

Office kitchenware like fridges, microwaves and kettles are also shockingly dirty and you wouldn’t be using them if you knew what was lurking underneath those buttons that you press everyday!

How Commercial Cleaning can Help

Our commercial cleaning is just what you need to get your office germ and dust free.  Urban Clean specialises in medical cleaning as well as commercial cleaning and we can customise our services to suit your exact requirements whatever they may be.

What you can expect from Urban Clean

You can expect much more than just an average vacuum and dust job from our trusted cleaning company in South Yarra.

Our team will ensure that every surface in your office is wiped down, disinfected and washed properly. We can take care of the vacuuming, carpet washing, upholstery cleaning and we never cut corners when it comes to sanitising areas that already look ‘clean’.

Why you need a commercial cleaner?

There are many great benefits of going pro with your office cleaning.  Here are a few of the top reasons why you should use a professional cleaning company instead of hiring a cleaner;

  • Our rates are a lot more affordable than a cleaner’s wages
  • Office cleaners are trained and experienced in specialised cleaning which reduces the chances of equipment damage
  • All employees at Urban Clean are screened which makes this a much safer solution for your business
  • We use the best equipment and cleaning solutions on the market
  • We’ll arrive on time, every time so you don’t have to worry about missed appointments

Contact us now by calling 1300 787 745 and get a pro to do the dirty office work for you.

Urban Clean are professional commercial cleaners in Melbourne that specialise in commercial office cleaning services. If you are looking for professional office cleaning companies in Melbourne give us a call and see for yourself our outstanding Melbourne office cleaning services from our expert office cleaners.

If You’re Experiencing These Problems,
Let Us Give You A Fast Solution!

If cleaning is so easy why is it so hard to get a great service. It all comes down to training, systems,
checklists and a few secret recipes – These are Fast Solutions for You

  • You don’t know who actually comes and cleans
    Every visit your cleaners take a photo themselves together with their ID tag and uniform so you know exactly who’s come in your office.
  • Cleaners just seem to fly through spot vacuuming and only emptying a couple of bins
    You’ll receive a downloadable report every time on every visit with real time notifications when your cleaners have arrived and left.
  • Cleaners started great, then quickly went downhill
    WE GUARANTEE if things were ever missed or not done to your satisfaction your cleaners are guaranteed to return and fix it at no extra charge. WE GUARANTEE should you ever leave us because our service was not good enough
    (a hypothetical only), we will pay YOU 2 WEEKS of your new cleaning service.
  • You can’t communicate with the cleaners
    Besides a communication book and email notifications from your cleaners, you’ll be assigned an Operations Manager who is highly trained in communication and customer service.
  • Things Important to you keep getting missed
    We ask you what things are important to you. Our cleaners can even take photos of completed tasks that are important to you each visit.
  • Not even sure if the cleaners know what they’re doing
    All our cleaners go through an intensive training program that exceeds the requirements of a Certificate 3 in Cleaning Operations.
    They understand all aspects of regular office cleaning, including cross contamination, colour coding, and best and most effective methods of cleaning.
Did you know that an estimated 39% of businesses make one of these mistakes that could prove catastrophic to your staff and business.

Don’t Just take Our Word For It…

The 3 Biggest Benefits


All our Franchisee Cleaners go through an intensive training that exceeds the requirements of a nationally accredited
Certificate 3 in Cleaning Operations


Your cleaners are tracked in Real TIME. You’ll be notified when they arrive, and leave. You also receive a downloadable pdf report to see what they did.


You’ll have the comfort of knowing your Cleaners are owners in their business. They take pride in their work and want
to do all they can to make you happy.