Great quality cleaning comes down to training, checklists and auditing.
All of our franchisees undergo intensive on and offsite training.
We employ a double checklist system to ensure cleaners are always doing what’s required as well as paying attention to items especially important to you. Our monthly auditing ensures you always get the top notch service every month and important items get addressed before they become issues.

Our business and every franchisee is covered by 20 million dollars worth of Public Liability Insurance. Staff members are also covered by state based workers compensation insurance policies.

Yes, our business is independently certified and accredited for Quality, OH&S, and Environmental Systems conforming to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, and ISO 14001:2015.

We are committed to operating a carbon neutral business and are certified members of Carbon Easy. We actively seek ways to reduce emissions and offset any carbon used in the business in accordance with the UN Framework Convention for Climate Change.

All our certificates can be available on request.

Yes, our franchisees are trained on proper and safe methods of deep cleaning and disinfection.

We can provide full reporting and ATP testing for peace of mind.

No. Franchisees are not allowed to subcontract their work. Most of our franchisees are onsite every clean. And just like our franchisees, staff members of any franchisee must successfully complete the Urban Clean log-book training, have police clearances and character checks.

Janiflow notifies you of arrival and departure times of your cleaners. You’ll also receive a pdf report that itemizes everything your cleaner did including photos of important items and even of the cleaners themselves if required. Cleaners also get alerted of any action items specific to your clean for that night.

It creates transparency around who cleans, as well as what and when they clean. This keeps cleaners accountable so you can be certain what matters to you gets done every clean.

Each month, our franchisees will complete a monthly audit on the cleaning and ask your feedback on their performance. Our franchisees also use this opportunity to provide suggestions on ways they can add extra value to your business.

We’re big on being proactive about our cleaning. We don’t just wait around until we hear from you. Our franchisees are eager to know if they’re doing a great or if there are areas for improvement. This way we can ensure you always get the level of service that you deserve.

We fix our prices for a year. But our agreements are always performance based. We rely on the quality of our service to you not the letter of a contract to keep your business.

We clean at a fixed monthly price. We spend as long as it takes to complete the job according to your requirements. We are more than happy to provide you with estimated cleaning times on your proposal, but we do not charge at hours cleaned.

Yes. Should you not be 100% happy with a clean we do, we’ll fix it the next day at no cost to you. Additionally we provide a 2 week money back guarantee should you change cleaners because we did not fulfill our service agreement to you. 

Unit Franchisee

A Unit franchise is someone who wants to get set up in a six-figure cleaning business. You will be rolling your sleeves up. You will be getting on site doing the cleaning or managing teams of cleaners and dealing directly with your clients.

You will be set up with cleaning contracts in your business and shown how to manage and grow a portfolio of cleaning accounts.

An Urban Clean Unit Franchise will typically operate within the territory of a Regional Branch (Master Franchise) and be supported by a Regional Branch with the winning of new contracts and ongoing coaching.

After winning an initial value of cleaning contracts for you we will show you how to grow these accounts and get more. You make money by servicing these contracts.

Sometimes the unexpected happens. For reasons outside your control, offices may stop requiring a cleaning service, close down or move premises. If this happens within the first 24 months of running your business, we will replace the value of your contract and we can explain how this works when you enquire about the business.

Depending on your investment, we can provide an Initial Contract Value Guarantee that provides an income guarantee. Obviously terms and conditions apply and we can explain how this works in detail when you enquire about the business.

We commit to winning an initial $5,000 per month of cleaning contracts for you. You can earn more money by investing in more cleaning contracts won by us, by getting referrals, or by learning how to quote and win cleaning contracts on your own.

We have franchise partners that make between $5,000 to over $10,000 per month, and others that make in excess of $20,000 per month. How much money you make will be determined by your effort, skill and commitment to growing your business and providing exceptional service.

This will depend on the size of your business and how you operate it.

For instance with $5,000 worth of cleaning contracts per month, our franchisees typically work between 20 and 30 hours per week if they’re doing the cleaning themselves. 

The time you spend cleaning will vary depending on the types of cleaning contracts you take on as well as your experience and ability. If you come with limited prior experience in cleaning, you should allow extra time for yourself until your cleaning speeds get faster. During your training you will be trained on the best and most efficient methods of cleaning whilst still maintaining a very high quality clean.

No, in fact we encourage you to keep your day time job until the money from your business replaces your day time income or more.

We have structured the business so that you can keep your daytime job while we set you up with contracts during the day. And because it’s commercial cleaning, it’s after hours, so it won’t affect most people’s existing jobs. As you build your business you may even want to train and employ cleaning teams to do the actual cleaning for you. We show you how to train, recruit, and manage those staff.

In addition to your training and online resources that give you everything you need to operate your business, you’ll be provided with field support by your local Regional Branch Owner. We provide regular coaching and workshops for you so you can continually improve your business. We hold your hand every step of the way. We also provide a basic bookkeeping for you, invoice your customers on your behalf and manage your accounts receivable.

During your business set up, you can choose not to accept cleaning contracts that lie outside your territory and that don’t give after hours access. We will create a plan together based on the blueprint we arrive at in the Strategy Session and work closely with you to get you set up in your business as quickly as possible.

Our contract allocation system means all the information of a new account is provided to you including time and price calculations.

You’ll receive intensive on and offsite training as well as ongoing workshops and support. You’ll learn all aspects of cleaning and running a successful business. Our training exceeds the requirements of an Australian Certificate 3 in Cleaning Operations and shows you how to grow and manage a successful commercial cleaning business.

Every aspect of the business has been systemised and put down in manuals and checklists. We also employ some of the latest automation tools for business processes, cleaning tasks and customer engagement.

Our most successful franchisees have a hunger to learn. They are coachable and want to follow a proven system. Attention to detail matters, as well as good communication skills.

We have service fees not royalties. To be able to provide you with the support and guarantees that we give you, you pay a percentage out of everything your customers pay you. This is payable only when you receive funds from your customers.

Full details on percentages and services provided are available upon enquiry.

Yes, we are members and active participants in the Franchise Council of Australia and take our obligations under the Franchise Code of Australia very seriously.

We want to ensure the business is a good fit for you and you’ll succeed in it.

You must qualify first before being offered a franchise. After qualifying for the business, you’ll be invited to a Partnership Session with a Regional. Not all applicants will make it this far. 

Master Franchise

A Master Franchise which we call a Regional Branch is another tier of Urban Clean’s business structure. There are two main ways of making money as a master franchisee. The first is to recruit unit franchises. The second is to coach them in their business and earn a residual, recurring income from the cleaning contracts the franchisees are earning. This includes winning cleaning contracts for unit franchisees as part of their business set-up.

Utilising a proven infrastructure system and purpose-built technologies, Master Franchisees have the best of both worlds – the security of a tried and trusted model, with the flexibility and autonomy to utilise each individual’s unique skills and entrepreneurial flair to create a business that is truly their own.

No. Master Franchisees are generally not hands on with the cleaning aspect of the business. Rather, they spend their time securing new contracts and recruiting franchisees, as well as supporting their unit franchisees.

Yes. You’ll receive full training on how to operate the business. We have step-by-step systems for everything in the business.

We’ll train you to recruit franchisees and provide you with a proven marketing plan to attract and recruit dedicated and passionate franchisees.

We can even provide franchise leads for you. 

Commercial cleaning is resilient. It is recession proof. We’ve seen that with the pandemic. We know that we’re in a very resilient industry, and it’s solid.

And the way that we go about building businesses and the way that our regional partners grow their businesses, their business is not reliant on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 20 customers; often it’s 100, 200 customers. So, there’s a lot of income security and flexibility in their business.