Unit Franchises

A unit franchise is someone who wants to get set up in a six-figure cleaning business. You will be rolling your sleeves up. You will be getting on site doing the cleaning or managing teams of cleaners and dealing directly with your clients, and managing that business on that level.

We win regular office and medical cleaning contracts for you. You make money by servicing these contracts and we provide a 24 month contract value guarantee for you.

Sometimes the unexpected happens. For reasons outside your control, offices may stop requiring a cleaning service, close down or move premises. If this happens within the first 24 months of running your business, we will replace the value of your contract.

An Urban Clean Franchise includes $5,000 per month Contract Guarantee. You can earn more money either by investing in more cleaning contracts, getting referrals from other businesses or by becoming a Super Franchisee and learning how to quote and win cleaning contracts on your own.

For $5,000 worth of cleaning contracts per month, our franchisees work between a range of 20 and 30 hours per week. The time you spend cleaning will vary depending on the types of cleaning contracts you take on as well as your experience. If you come with limited prior experience in cleaning, you should allow extra time for yourself until your cleaning speeds get faster. During your training you will be trained on the best and most efficient methods of cleaning whilst still maintaining a very high quality clean.

The way we structure the business is that you can keep your daytime job. We set you up with cleaning contracts because it’ss commercial cleaning, it’s after hours, so you can actually do the cleaning yourself if you want to, or then start getting cleaning teams in the evening and training them. We show you how to train, recruit, and manage those staff.

In addition to your training and onsite inductions, you’ll be provided with field support by our Operations Managers or your local Branch Owner. We provide workshops for you to continually improve your business. We also provide a basic bookkeeping package for you, invoice your customers on your behalf and manage your accounts receivable.

We also provide customer support and auditing for your customers on your behalf.

You will have some flexibility in what cleaning contracts you take on. Our contract allocation system means all the information of a new job is provided to eligible Franchisees and we work on a first come, best dressed basis. Since we have an obligation to fill you with cleaning contracts within a limited time frame, Urban Clean can choose to allocate cleaning contracts directly to Franchisees.

You’ll receive a minimum of 2 weeks intensive on and offsite training as well as ongoing workshops and support. You’ll learn all aspects of cleaning and running a successful business. Our training exceeds the requirements of a Certificate 3 in Cleaning Operations.

Yes. Every aspect of the business has been systemised and put down in manuals and checklists. We also employ some of the latest automation tools for business processes, cleaning tasks and customer engagement.

We have service fees not royalties. To be able to provide you with the support and guarantees that we give you, you pay a percentage out of everything your customers pay you. This is payable only when you receive funds from your customers.

Urban Clean offers Unit Franchise owners guaranteed ongoing contracts, purpose-built technology for foolproof quality control and client satisfaction, and industry-leading training and support.

As an Urban Clean Unit Franchisee, you control the hours you work and the income you generate.
With a guaranteed monthly minimum of $5000 in cleaning contracts, as well as an additional, optional $5000 per month, every Urban Clean Unit Franchisee has the capacity to maintain or grow the business in a way that suits them. T&C’s Apply

Fully supported by the Urban Clean regional and leadership teams, with the technology to ensure repeat business and client longevity, Sydney Urban Clean Unit Franchise owners are experiencing exceptional growth, job satisfaction, flexibility and freedom.

Described as “the Uber of commercial cleaning” – Urban Clean uses innovative technology, authentic training and support, and a modern approach to set new benchmarks in commercial cleaning.


Urban Clean franchisees are supported with:

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