The New Way Of Office Cleaning

Your Chance To Be
A Franchisee

Of Australia’s Most Unique Commercial

Cleaning Business!


Second to none Training and Support and exclusive
use of our game changing App JANIFLOW that’s
turning us into the UBER of the Cleaning Industry

Imagine Getting Clients On A Platter

That’s right we win the cleaning contracts for YOU. And we even replace the
value of these cleaning contracts for 24 MONTHS!
And it’s all after hours giving you and your family great flexibility

Watch This Short Video To See How You Can
Enjoy The Benefits Of “Our System”….

Start with $5,000 per month of Cleaning Contracts


  • After you complete your training at our Head Office in Brisbane you’ll start getting cleaning contracts
  • You’ll receive notifications when new cleaning contracts are available in your area.
  • Follow our systems and methods and we’ll replace the value of your cleaning contracts for 24 months in case your customers close down, move premises, or get a cheaper price with another service.
  • You get invoicing, accounting and customer service support. You’re never alone with your cleaning contracts.

Compare The Benefits Of Being an Urban Clean Franchisee
Against Setting Up Your Own Business

Urban Clean

  • Sales are done for you. We win the cleaning contracts for you
  • You get to directly benefit from our expertise in direct marketing and sales.
  • Initial Value of Contracts are given to you.
  • We have already developed and targeted our service to the most profitable and loyal segment of the cleaning market.
  • You get to benefit immediately from millions of dollars already invested in business development, systems and world leading technology such as JANIFLOW.
  • You not just part of another Cleaning Company or Franchise, we are a completely NEW WAY of operating a Cleaning Business that is rapidly taking over the marketplace.

Your Own Biz

  • You have to work out how to win cleaning contracts on your own. You’ll need to spend money on marketing and if you’re not comfortable selling hire and employ a sales rep.
  • No guarantees
  • You’ll have to work out through trial and error what customers you want and who you don’t want. In the meantime you could go broke.
  • You have to develop your own systems and methods to operate your business. This can take years to do well and you’ll need to invest maybe hundreds of thousands in development and consultancy fees.
  • You’re in business all by yourself with no support..
  • A successful cleaning business involves much more than a website, vacuum and mop. You’ll need to be familiar with all aspects that make for a successful cleaning business, such as marketing, sales, systems, hiring staff, systems, accounts receivable, customer support and cashflow.

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