Why Cleaning Franchises Are a Great Choice

Why Cleaning Franchises Are a Great Choice

Founder and CEO of Australia’s second biggest locally owned commercial cleaning brand Urban Clean, Damien Boehm, says when it comes to choosing a franchise, commercial cleaning is the way to go.

Damien lays out all the reasons cleaning franchises are a fast track to success in the multi-billion-dollar commercial cleaning business and what to look out for when choosing a franchise.

Damien on Why Cleaning Franchises are Great:


“Cleaning franchises definitely give you a head start in starting a commercial cleaning business. S franchise in cleaning overcomes one of the biggest challenges that happens with a lot of brands, which is finding the business. So, if you don’t know where to get started, how to do marketing, how to position your cleaning business as a quality provider, a provider that people are willing to sign cleaning contracts which give you decent rates, then a cleaning franchise is often a great way to go,” Damien says.

Damien on What to Look Out for When Choosing a Franchise Business:

“All Cleaning franchises are different. When you make an evaluation of different opportunities, you must look at what sort of support they provide, what sort of training, where are you as a business owner, because sometimes you join a cleaning franchise and you find out that you haven’t bought a business, rather, you’re just a cleaner,” Damien cautions.

“You really want to be looking at exactly what is the opportunity? Am I being provided all the tools to run my business, to employ staff, to win my own cleaning contracts, to increase the value of my cleaning contracts and to grow my business? And you need to ask what kind of support am I getting to do that?”

Damien on initial fees:

Of course, you will have fees that you have to look at. You’ve got the initial investment, but that’s only one of the considerations that you should be making when you’re looking at getting started in a franchise,” says Damien.

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