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Urban Clean is a commercial cleaning company committed to providing outstanding commercial cleaning services across Australia, including Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Sydney.

Urban Clean is not just a cleaning service. We’re your productivity partners. We don’t simply clean up after the day’s mess. We get your office and business set up fresh for a new day of business.

At last! A NEW way of providing YOU with efficient office cleaning that you’ll never have to worry about

  • It’s time for a shake-up

  • It’s time for trained and qualified cleaning professionals to deliver 10/10 cleans every time

  • It’s time to end all forms of “sham contracting” in this industry

  • It’s time for transparency and real time reporting

Get your time, productivity and sanity back


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Commercial Office Cleaning Specialists

We specialise in

Commercial Office Cleaning
Medical Cleaning

Our business is based on three defining principles:

1. Identifying customer needs and building a service around those needs
2. Providing consistent delivery of service
3. Delivering a consistently positive customer experience

Urban Clean’s obsessed about providing our customers with a consistently positive
experience and high standard cleans, whether it is the first clean or the hundredth clean. It’s our 10/10 Guarantee to you.

Put simply. It is Cleaning Done Right.

A Unique Business Model

It’s not same old, same old here. We’re industry pioneers. We were the first cleaning business in Australia to introduce real time reporting with our custom built trademarked app JANIFLOW.

We’ve taken a fresh approach and invested millions in learning what works and what doesn’t.
Businesses have been crying out for years for a solution to their cleaning needs. This has meant that we’ve gone back to the basics and designed a service around your needs as a customer. Because it’s not about doing the easy thing. It’s about doing the right thing and in the correct way for the best result.

What Makes Us Different

Our unique training and auditing system
What this means for you:
You’re guaranteed a 10/10 Clean every time

Unique BIG 3 and our site induction systems
What this means for you:
Everything is delivered to your cleaning and business requirements

Business Owner Cleaners are trained to the standard of a Certificate 3 in Cleaning Operations, screened and who take ownership in their business.
What this means for you:
Only professionals who take pride in their work look after your business.

Janiflow, uniforms, I.D. tags and communication books.
What this means for you:
You’re certain or your business’ security. Cleaners are accountable for all their work.

Branch Owner communication and relationship program with customers.
What this means for you:
Your needs are met every time by someone who listens and cares.

Proactive customer engagement with many modes of communication – phone, Janiflow, email, and custom built communication books.
What this means for you:
You have trust and a strong business relationship with your cleaning service.

Customised schedules and custom built quoting system.
What this means for you:
You get the cleaning your business needs at a cost effective price.

Your very own dedicated customer support

Unlike a traditional cleaning business, we do not delegate the important task of building relationships, site auditing, inductions, and managing cleaners, to regional managers who simply treat it as a job.

Instead Urban Clean Branches are invested in their own business. They treat it as their own business because it is their own business. They take great care to select Cleaning Franchisees who are dedicated, who are passionate about customer service and who want to be cleaning industry leaders. Moreover, Branches care about the performance of their franchisee’s businesses. Their success is totally reliant on their Cleaning Franchisee’s success. And that means your success

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The cleaners do a superb job. It’s a pleasure to come into such a fresh clean office every morning.



From the very first meeting Urban Clean came across as very professional. They listened and identified our needs almost immediately. Their service has been so good, and their attention to detail exceptional. Every part of their business has been characterised by a lot of care. They are a 10/10 business, from their consultation, to their pricing, their professionalism, to the way their staff conduct themselves and the quality of their service.


Silver Chef


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If You’re Experiencing These Problems, Let Us Give You A Fast Solution!

If cleaning is so easy why is it so hard to get a great service. It all comes down to training, systems, checklists and a few secret recipes – These are Fast Solutions for You

  • You don’t know who actually comes and cleans Every visit your cleaners take a photo themselves together with their ID tag and uniform so you know exactly who’s come in your office.
  • Cleaners just seem to fly through spot vacuuming and only emptying a couple of bins You’ll receive a downloadable report every time on every visit with real time notifications when your cleaners have arrived and left.
  • Cleaners started great, then quickly went downhill WE GUARANTEE if things were ever missed or not done to your satisfaction your cleaners are guaranteed to return and fix it at no extra charge. WE GUARANTEE should you ever leave us because our service was not good enough (a hypothetical only), we will pay YOU 2 WEEKS of your new cleaning service.
  • You can’t communicate with the cleaners Besides a communication book and email notifications from your cleaners, you’ll be assigned an Operations Manager who is highly trained in communication and customer service.
  • Things Important to you keep getting missed We ask you what things are important to you. Our cleaners can even take photos of completed tasks that are important to you each visit.
  • Not even sure if the cleaners know what they’re doing All our cleaners go through an intensive training program that exceeds the requirements of a Certificate 3 in Cleaning Operations. They understand all aspects of regular office cleaning, including cross contamination, colour coding, and best and most effective methods of cleaning.

Did you know that an estimated 39% of businesses make one of these mistakes that could prove catastrophic to your staff and business.

Don’t Just take Our Word For It…

The 3 Biggest Benefits


All our Franchisee Cleaners go through an intensive training that exceeds the requirements of a nationally accredited Certificate 3 in Cleaning Operations


Your cleaners are tracked in Real TIME. You’ll be notified when they arrive, and leave. You also receive a downloadable pdf report to see what they did.


You’ll have the comfort of knowing your Cleaners are owners in their business. They take pride in their work and want to do all they can to make you happy.